by Jessica Lá Rel

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La’-Trice Anderson
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La’-Trice Anderson Jessica La’Rel-Flux 3 love songs: first, in ones personal love relationship, second, to society, and third, to self. Beautiful lyrics as well as music; can’t wait till the full album is released! So very touching! “All We Can Do” beautiful!! Favorite track: All We Could Do.
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released May 28, 2018

Music Production by Tyler "Eaglebabel" Brooks
Executive Production by Jessica Lá Rel
Mixed by Tyler "Eaglebabel" Brooks
Mastered by Technology Works
Artwork by Candace Rogers & Jessica Lá Rel


all rights reserved



Jessica Lá Rel California

Jessica Lá Rel is a singer and songwriter who combines storytelling and "cinematic soul" to talk about life, love, and justice.

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Track Name: I Want You
Circling my thoughts
Hands on the clock
Moving in and out
In and out of Time
A whole day goes by
A thousand nights
Only 8 hours
Of flipping on and off the lights
Always grinding teeth
Buckling at the knees
What about you
Underneath my skin
There you go again
What do I do
I want you baby
I want you baby
I want you
Circling my heart
Seems you lit the spark
Burning one sole match to a forest flame
A whole day with you
Freedom rendezvous
Now I've tasted free and I'll never be the same
Always fighting fear
every time you're near
What about you
Have I ever lived
Here we go again
What will I do?
I want you baby
I want you baby
I want you
The dream I had for you and I
Last us till the end of time
I want you
Track Name: All We Could Do
The way that we were was never adequate
But I know what we could be
I imagine love no limit
All that we are, is all we would see
The world between us now
Will be the one we make anew
It broke us down
But today we renew
Every storm and cloud would grace the earth with its dew
Every thing we know all we never knew

All we could do

The love we'd give is the kind of love returned
But never give it selfishly
Wait on the bridge to have it burned
But we rebuild eternally
The world between us now
Will be the one we call our own
We tore it down
We restore with each seed sown
All of our strength abounds when love is what we choose
We may not have known before. But today we do
All we could do
Track Name: Home Above Water
All you see is light
Glimmer through the water
Every ray of light
Collide-a scope
Tryna chase the light
Thinking that water
Won't take you down
Just let you float

Your head was clear
Who knows down here
You try to swim
Back to shore again
But when all falls short
Will you remember where you are from?

Try to grasp the light
But it slips through your fingers
Holding bits of air
Trying not to choke
Every time you glide
Feels like drowning
You fight to survive
While others float

You sink they swim
When do you win?
Offshore out of reach
When will you breathe?

When it all falls short will you remember where you can come?

When will you come home
(Home Above Water)

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